Preston Village Cricket Club 1st XI squad

1st XI 1st XI

Captain : Ian Hawkins

Vice Captain : Graeme Barrie

The force is strong in this young all rounder but unfortunately the bones aren't. Graeme has the weakest, Knees/shoulders/ankles in the world. Famously pulled a hamstring and missed a match whilst picking up a stapler in his office. Extremely useful swing bowler (he swings it both ways) and a future high scoring opening batsman if we can keep him fit.

Graeme is the club treasurer and has in Shylock mode re-modelled the club finances in the aftermath of the Black era of excess drinking. Has been roundly abused ever since, but financially the club is now in secure and sensible hands.

His likeness to Yoda led to the nickname although in fairness he is taller if not as talented as the Star Wars Character
Kenny Black
A Preston Village legend, Black famously captained the club from 1993 until 1999 guiding them from grades into the main East League. A useful left handed bat and cunning spinner Black has consistently performed admirably both on and off the field, and was the second player in the club to reach 100 appearances. He continues to star in the first whilst now modelling an interesting pair of hernia protection whites.

Blacks captaincy was famous for the ability of the club to lose score books generally in Peebles which somehow was always the tour match for the Village People.
Matthew Boyd

Signed at the end of 2009 but made a real impression in 2010 his full season winning the player of the year award and several others

A hard hitting top/middle order batsman and medium fast bowler a real asset who originally learnt his trade at a couple of junior clubs up town before making the big time with the Village People

Has a particular interest and liking for club history especially in relation to his views on one former captain so he’s become an instant hit at the Polwarth Oval

Keith Clark
Signing at the end 2011 and its not stppped raining since Noah joined the club

Seriously another left hander in case Kenny was feeling lonely and a useful spin bowler
Chris Dixon
Younger brother and total antipathy of the Organiser, so laid back off the field that he would be asleep if he were any more cool about life.

Promising all rounder, fast bowler, extremely hard hitting batsman and a very good fielder, in short he's a multi-talent pain. Chris also plays the bagpipes, has a clutch of academic qualifications and despite playing for an obscure club has managed to get into the Scottish Under-18 Rugby squad.

Like Stephen will be a valued member of the club for years to come.
Alistair Dobie
The club "Ginger", (every club should have one), wicket-keeper, and opening batsman. Alistair was captain of the club for 4 seasons from 1999 including the victorious Division 5 winning team in 2002. He was also the first player in history to play 100 games for the Village People.

His main claim to fame with the bat was establishing his record of being the first opening batsmen in the clubs history to carry his bat in infamous game at Kirkbrae where Alistair was 77 not out as no other batsman made double figures. Guz has still to forgive him for running him out to ensure that the record was achieved.

His habit of taking his wicket keeping gloves on holiday is legendary although quite what he did with them in Mexico is a question best not asked.
Massimo Fabbreschi
Internet signing for 2006.

Forms half of the club's home improvement couple with Macca.

Has huge potential given his 6'3" frame but still doesn't bowl with the venom he is capable of. Has proven throughout 2006 that he can take wickets and on occasion has hit runs too. 2007 will be a better year for him though as additional coaching will sort out his bad habits and should set his targets on 20 league wickets and 100 league runs for the season.
Malcolm Forsyth
Unfortunately Malcolm's games for PV are limited due to his lack of time, he manages a junior football side and has small children!!

When Malcolm is available he continues to show an all round ability. He is arguably the best off spinner at the club.
Alan Grieve
2008’s 2nd XI Captain and a well respected member of PVCC who is fast closing in on his century of appearances for the “People”. He holds the best bowling return with an amazing 8 for 13 and a top score of 78 in his batting which has been consistent for years. The youngsters in the 2nd will surely learn a lot from Guz.

His nick come from his love of beer the more unusual the better, and Guz can always be relied on to unearth some obscure or previously unheard of beer at apparently a moments notice, although positioning milk in the club fridge around the beer is an art form only known to the maestro himself
David King
David was the club captain for season 2004, as well as being the last remaining Musselburgh member of the new romantics revolution of the late 1970's and early 80's. A classical right-handed batsman who since arriving at the club in 1999 has been consistently one of the top batsmen in the club.

Known as lucky since the start of his captaincy saw a injury list to rival the average British Lions tour casualty list.
Deepak Kumar
Deepak is a new recruit for the 2017 Season
Steve Prentice

Also known as wounded knee , as if we didn’t have enough injury concerns with Yoda , but Steve announced himself to the PVCC crowd with a tremendous display at Dunfermline where he ended up playing on 1 leg and put himself out for 6 weeks

A spinner who will take wickets as well as being a useful fielder and hard hitting batsman

Provided we can keep him fit should be an asset for the club for many years

Shiraz Ramzan
A promising all rounder who at 16 years of age has already made himself fundamental to the future development of the club. Medium paced swing bowler who will become a fast bowler when the rest of his body catches up with his feet. A technically secure batsman who will in the future score a shed load of runs for the club.

Earned his nickname of Pluto during a wet, early season game when the slap of his feet covering the wet outfield negated the need or any call to near-by fielders.

Once he fills out this editor will certainly not be facing him after the feet comment as he’s going to be a seriously fast bowler.
Andrew Sibley
Secured his nick with an amazing back heel into his own stumps which was truly impressive or would have been if he’d been on a football pitch.

A useful right handed middle order batsman Ronaldo was secured from Bass Rock in 2005 and he has already shown the reasons for his signing with some impressive innings for the club including memorably a cameo appearance for the 2nd XI when he crashed 86 before being run out controversially by Trav . Trav’s comments that he had failed to ground his bat seemed a little unnecessary as he was past the slip cordon when the wicket was broken.
Gary Wicksted
Gary decided to join PV during 2007 having watched cricket on TV but never having had the opportunity to play. His strength is in his Boycottesque batting technique which does not score quick runs but contributes well in partnership stats. He is a regular contributer to the 2nd XI and has performed well when asked to stand in for the 1st XI (Other than his trigger finger!!)

He earns his nick due to his anytime any place philosophy.
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