Preston Village Cricket Club News story

Village People Lottery makes a comeback

12 Mar 2017

Well get out your crystal balls, put on your lucky socks or find that lucky rabbits foot as the Village People Lottery is back.

With a slightly different set up with more people benefitting, this may prove to be an excellent Lottery.  The price is £2 per number, payable a month at a time or all 5 months in advance.  £1 will go into the winners jackpot and 50p each to the club and to our charity of the year.  This means that each month the winner receives £50 and the club and charity each receive £25. Over a season the winners payout is £250 with the club & charity getting £250.

El Capitano Matthew has taken the plunge and payed for the first 2 numbers, saying:-

"this is a worthwhile endeavor as not only is there a chance of winning but the club and our chosen charity benefit as well.  for only £10 a number for the whole season it's worth a shot"