Preston Village Cricket Club News story

Minutes of EGM

20 Feb 2017

Extraordinary General Meeting

Preston Village Cricket Club

Date – 3 February 2017

Time – 1900 Hours

Venue – “The Gothenburg” Prestonpans

Present –

Kenneth Black (KB) (Temporary Chair)

Graeme Barrie (GB) (Treasurer)

Matthew Boyd (MB) (Captain)

Shiraz Ramzan (SR)

Gary Wicksted (GW)

Emmanuel Belivanis (EB)

Alistair Dobie (AD)


Steve Lee (SL)

Gary Copeland (GC)

Peter Barrie (PB)

Massimo Fabbrechi (MF)

Michael Costello (MC)


The following matters were discussed and agreed:-


GB provided the meeting with a full and comprehensive financial report.


EB kindly agreed to donate £300 to the Club by way of an emergency payment. He was thanked wholeheartedly for this altruistic gesture.


The meeting voted to reject the proposed merger with Tranent Cricket Club by a majority of six to four with three abstentions.


Agreed Fees for Season 2017 –


Adult - £72.


Concessions - £36.


Match Fees - £5 per Adult and £3 for Concessions.


It was agreed that the aforesaid fees would be payable by all members, irrespective of their status.

The under noted persons were elected to the posts shown –


Alan Grieve (AG) – President

Matthew Boyd (MB) – Captain

Gary Wicksted (GW) – Secretary

Graeme Barrie (GB) – Treasurer

Shiraz Ramzan (SR) – Club Coach

Massimo Fabbrechi (MF) – Business Manager / Social Convener

Alistair Dobie (AD) – Committee Member without portfolio.

Kenneth Black (KB) - Committee Member without portfolio.


A selection committee was elected for Season 2017. The members are as follows –


Matthew Boyd (MB)

Alistair Dobie (AD)

Graeme Barrie (GB)


MB issued a passionate rallying call to those in attendance; he said that the future of the Club rested on the shoulders of those present tonight.


The meeting was brought to a close by KB.